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Custom bowstring prices are shown in Canadian Dollars.  PIN IT Custom Bowstrings is situated on Canada's West Coast.

Please refer to the                     page prior to ordering.


              Description             Price(Can$) *


Complete set of 2 or 3 strings    $149.95

Complete set of 4 or 5 strings    $169.95

Single cam string                          $79.95

Two cam string                             $69.95

Control cable                                $59.95

Split buss cable                            $69.95


One recurve string                       $34.95

One longbow string                     $34.95

*Regular ground shipping is free


Speed nocks with shrink tubing are installed to factory specifications on applicable bows only if specs are available or exact locations are provided.


The photo shows white PIN IT speed nocks with black lettering. They are also available black with white lettering.

Payment: I accept payment by cash or e-transfer.

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