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How To Order

Section 1) Compound Strings:

PLEASE NOTE: If the following information seems overwhelming please simply text me @ 604-819-9932 or e-mail:

We will simply discuss what you would like. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Note: To read Section 2), Traditional Strings scroll down the page, thank you.

 At PIN IT Custom Bowstrings I do my very best to build the highest quality

strings. Section 1 indicates how to order compound strings and Section 2 indicates how to order traditional strings. Please CONTACT me once the following information is obtained regarding your string order.

1) Bow Make

2) Bow Model

3) String Length

The above information may be found on the bow limbs as seen in the photo. In this example the Bow Make is Bowtech, the Model is Fanatic 3.0 SD and the String Length is 56 19/64. The more information that can be provided is helpful. The example also states the cable length of 40 21/32.

4) String Colours


In addition to the string colour chart seen below a full colour photo page of all string spools c:an be found by clicking on the following page link:


Important note! The colour "tan" as indicated by BCY actually appears as a medium brown colour. For a "tan" colour, "buckskin" or "sand" is recommended.  Click on the link below to see actual photographs of the coloured spools. 

Determine string length for Pin IT Custom Bow Strings

 BCY 452X Colour Chart

452x string colours

Heading 4


The above photo shows a 2 colour combination of  flo. orange and flo. yellow.

5) Serving Colours - Determine the following serving colours:

A)  BCY Halo end loop serving colour.


The above photo shows a flo. orange end loop serving colour.

The following BCY Halo colours are available for end loop serving:

Red              Blue       Flo. Green

Black    Flo. Orange    Pink     White

Halo .007 serving colours
Halo .007 bowstring

B) BCY Halo cam serving colour.


The above photo shows a flo. orange cam loop serving colour.

The following BCY Halo colours are available for cam serving:

452x black and white string

White    Black 

halo .014 colour chart

C) BCY Powergrip center serving colour.


The above photo shows a string stop and center serving colour of flo. orange.

The following BCY Powergrip colours are available for center serving:

   Black      Blue   Flo. green   Tan

Powergrip serving colours

 Flo. orange   Pink     Red      White

6) Speed nocks with shrink tubing are installed to factory specifications on  applicable bows only if specs are available  or exact locations are provided.


The photo shows white PIN IT speed nocks with black lettering. They are also available black with white lettering.

Double check you have the following information:

1) Bow Make

2) Bow Model

3) String Length

4) BCY 452X String Colours 

5A) BCY Halo End Loop Serving Colour 

  B) BCY Halo Cam Serving Colour 

  C) BCY Powergrip Serving Colour

6) If available, Speed Nocks with Black or White PIN IT coverings

Please fill out the following information and I will respond as soon as possible to discuss your order. Thank you. 

Compound String Information

Thanks for submitting!

Section 2) Traditional Strings:

1) Bow Type: Recurve or Longbow

The traditional bowstrings are of the endless loop design and prestretched at approximately 300lbs tension for a 24 hour period.

2) Length of Bow/String

The above information may be found on the bow limbs as seen in the photo to the right. The photo states a bow length of 66 inches.

If the bow length is not legible the string can be removed and measured using the following method: 

Remove the string from the bow being careful to not add or remove any twists so an accurate length can be determined. Place a looped end around a nail and pull as tight as possible. Hook a measuring tape around the nail and measure the distance to the end of the string as seen in the photos below.

Measuring an old bow string for replacem
Measuring for a PIN IT Custom Bowstring
Black Widow PLX Longbow

3) String Material and Colours

It must be determined whether the bow is made for BCY X, BCY 8125 or BCY 55, a dacron substitute string material. Bows designed for BCY X or BCY 8125 string will have reinforced tips to allow for the greater force associated with this type of modern material. As a general rule bows that are built prior to 1980 will use BCY 55 string material. 


The following string colours are available for BCY X and BCY 8125 however BCY X is NOT available in the mixed 2 colour spools, such as the green and black speckled spool. I generally do not stock the speckled coloured spools in BCY 8125 either however they are available for me to order. 

452x string colours


The dacron string material used for older bows is BCY 55. The colour choices are below: