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 A word about Pin It Custom Bowstrings principles:

       I, Jeff Maron, the owner and operator of Pin It Custom Bowstrings take building strings very serious. I understand the string is for my customer to enhance their skills as an archer and to provide consistency in every single shot. I also understand that the cost of a quality string is significant however a high quality string is an important key to an archers success. That is, an inconsistent string will lead to continuous peep rotation, large groupings and ultimately poor performance. 

       I know that a hunter may only have one shot on their quest so the string must perform flawlessly. The professional target archer also depends on a highly consistent shooting string to meet or exceed their shot execution. The recreational archer seeking to improve must have a string that feels crisp and responsive.

       When I build a string you will NOT see me quickly wrapping it around jig posts and quick tie offs. Nor will you see motorized winders and air compressed tensioners. I build strings meticulously with the utmost precision every step of the way. I use heavy coils stretching every string for 24 hours. The serving process is critical and I have engineered a process I refer to as the "Torque Tension System". This system assures the correct force is applied to the serving tool. The result is a string with very little "shoot in" time; generally a half a dozen to a dozen shots to seat the string in the cams.  

       My philosophy is this:

      You as a customer are not just buying an "off the shelf" string from Pin It Custom Bowstrings but rather Pin It Custom Bowstrings is building a high performing consistent string for YOUR bow with specific details YOU want, period. 


     Jeff Maron, owner/operator of Pin It Custom Bowstrings



 A few snippets of conversations with my customers can be seen below:


Ken   recommends PIN It Custom Bowstrings.

September 29, 2019


Over 40 years of Bowhunting and Competitive Archery and changing bow strings yearly , none have met my expectations more than Jeff`s strings . My string standards are proper length , resistance to stretch , thin diameter and a little thing like color; delivered with precision - second to none !

Dennis   recommends PIN It Custom Bowstrings.


Dennis Andrews comment.jpg
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